Virtual Leadership Academy

Leaders in the health care environment require a variety of skills to be successful. From leading teams to engaging referral sources and clients, health care leaders need to effectively use many strategies for success. This MBA style academy provides insight into your behavioral tendencies and human interactions, enabling you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and how to engage others for successful outcomes. 

The program combines learning about yourself and others with a toolbox of strategies for day-to-day operations. More details on the learning modules and academy benefits can be found here

Highlights of the academy: 

  • Self-paced flexible 1-year program
  • Talent Insight Assessment
  • Entrepreneur toolbox
  • Weekly topic discussions
  • Dynamic group coaching model
  • Over 30 hours of learning opportunity
  • Personal leadership strategic plan

PHA's Leadership Academy is facilitated by Dr. Tonya Miller, Owner, TYM Coaching.

Course Sign-Up Information

The 2022 leadership academy is offered as a self paced course. The course will blend online learning, weekly mini topics, and group coaching sessions to ensure that leaders develop an effective strategy for future success.

Registration for this year's program will be on a rolling basis. Start the program any day from April 1, 2022 until September 30, 2022Attendees will have one year to complete the course from their sign-up date. 

Registration for the 2022 Virtual Leadership Academy is currently closed. Please check back for details on joining our next class in 2023!