Lean on Me: Equipment that Helps

Homecare presents physical as well as emotional challenges when it comes to getting a loved one from one location to another around the house. Before you try helping your relative from bed to chair or chair to table, learn the safest way to avoid hurting them or yourself. 

Durable medical equipment (DME) includes things like blood sugar monitors, walkers and wheelchairs. If insurance is to cover the cost, the equipment must be prescribed by a doctor for use in your home as medically necessary. Many of the items are covered by Medicare Part B.

To qualify for Medicare reimbursement, a DME vendor must be accredited by a professional entity such as The Joint Commission or the Community Health Accreditation Program. Click here to find approved suppliers in your area through Medicare. Enter your ZIP code to find suppliers in your area. Your homecare or hospice agency also may be able to help you find a DME provider.


Gait Belt

Lift Chair



Hoyer Lift

Sit-to-Stand Lift 

Slip Sheet

Transfer Disk

Hospital Bed 

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